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Orhantepe Mah. Gülname Sok. No:2, Dragos
Kartal, İstanbul, Turkiye


Yavuz Sultan Selim Mah. Şeyda Cad. No:116
Körfez, Kocaeli, Türkiye

Heavy Industry Equipment Manufacturing

MİMAŞ Fabrication Group is located in Körfez / İzmit / Turkey within a vicinity of 40.000 m² in which the closed fabrication areas is 11.000 m². The plant is consisted of welding, machining, assembly, blasting & painting workshops, open craned yard for preassembly and storage and auxilary units equipped with a total of 26 overhead cranes. The plant is very close to major int’l ports and Trans-European Motorway. MİMAŞ Fabrication Group mainly fabricates equipment on contract basis for international and local market for Oil&Gas and Steel Industry; namely

For Oil&Gas

– Flares

– Thermal Oxidizers

– Pressure Vessels (ASME and CE/PED Certified)

– Pipe Spools (ASME and CE/PED Certified)

– Manifolds

– Heat Exchangers

– Skids

– Ducts 

For Steel Industry

– Coil Conveyors

– Roller Tables 

– Misc. Manipulators

– Laddles

– Scrap Buckets

– Tundish and Tundish Cars

– Wagons 

– Misc. Welded and Machined Fabrications

E&I and refractory works can be done in-house depending on project requirements. For quality certifications, please see QA/QC-HSE Certificate section of the website.

Selected Projects 

  • TÜPRAŞ - Heat Exchanger Fabrication

    Double Heat Exchanger Stailess Steel Tube Bundle

    TÜPRAŞ - Heat Exchanger Fabrication
  • PETROFAC - HC Closed Drain Drum Fabrication

    Pressure vessel fabrication from steel plate 3 no's (15,3 x 4,6 x 4,4) All ASME U Stamp

    PETROFAC - HC Closed Drain Drum Fabrication
  • ZEECO - Riser

    Complete flare & steel support from steel pipe. 2 no's flare (h=175 mt., base= 35 mt.) fabricated from 22", 24" & 48" pipes. Total connection units 15 ton both fabrication & installation at site has been realized by MİMAŞ.

    ZEECO - Riser
  • ZEECO - Skid

    Fabrication of thermal oxidizer, vessel and skid from steel plate 3 no's (70 ton steel and 130 ton castable refractory including I&E, refractory, ınsulation works)

    ZEECO - Skid

    Fabrication of stack, pressure vessel and control skid, E&I works, with ASME U Stamp

  • ZEECO - SS Flare

    Fabrication of flare from stainless steel pipe (24", 60 mt. high)

    ZEECO - SS Flare
  • TÜPRAŞ - F1101A/B - F1201 Air Preheater Fabrication

    11 Set, low alloy, carbon steel, heat exchanger fabrication P5 quality pipe, 650 2" tube-plate weld, ASME U Stamp

    TÜPRAŞ - F1101A/B - F1201 Air Preheater Fabrication
  • ZEECO - Boiler

    Steam Boiler Fabrication from steel pipe. Boiler, steam drum, economizer & ducting. H= 4,2 mt. W= 3 mt. L= 12 mt. 10" main header 76 no's bundle each 22 no's 2" pipe

    ZEECO - Boiler

    Process Equipment for Steel Industry

    Laddle Fabrication for ISDEMIR Steel Mill

    Laddle Fabrication 32 piesces / 24 hot metal +
    8 teeming

    Cold Divide Shear for ERDEMIR Steel Mill Fabrication

    Procurement, fabrication, installation of cold divide shear complete with E&I, automation and pre-commissioning works. Cold cutting of 50 mm thick 4 meter wide plates.

    Diler Çelik Fabrication of Wire Rod Mill Plant

    Complete fabrication of all the major system / 

    equipment of wire rod mill

    Usinor / Fransa Furnace Discharging Machine

    Complete fabrication of furnace 

    discharging machine

    Logistic Equipment for Steel Industry

    İSDEMİR – Slab Transfer Cars Fabrication


    Design and fabrication of 3 sets of 200 tons capacity slab transfer cars.

    ERDEMİR – Plate Piler and Lift Lower Roller Tables Fabrication

    Fabrication of 1 set Plate Piler System (magnet type), 2 sets Lift Lower Roller Table inclusive of E&I works and FAT.

    Thyssenkrupp – Transfer Roller Table Fabrication

    Fabrication of  110 meter long transfer roller table, inclusive of frames, rollers, 

    greasing piping works


    Cranes and Fabrications for Ship Building Industry


    Salzgitter – Coil Conveyor Fabrication

    Fabrication of 6 stand coil conveyor with tilting device.

    Thyssenkrupp – Walking Beam Type Coil Conveyor Fabrication

    Fabrication of 34 mt long walking beam type coil conveyor.

    Cranes and Fabrications for Ship Building Industry

    Soli – Shipyard Crane Fabrication & Erection

    Fabrication and installation of a 400 tons capacity, 100 mt span shipyard crane.

    ADİK – Hatch Covers Fabrication

    Fabrication of hatch covers for 4 different ships.